Enriching Science in Primary Schools


Sep 2008


Enriching Science in Primary Schools is a collection of activities that will provide science enrichment for primary children – in particular extending learning for the gifted and talented child.


Enriching Science in Primary Schools will allow you to:

  • enrich science lessons for all pupils and provide extension material that will challenge more-able pupils
  • improve pupils’ performance in this core subject by enriching the curriculum
  • enhance pupils’ enjoyment of science and promote it as a subject for further study
  • support whole-school improvement by raising standards in core subjects
  • provide opportunities for pupils to expand their thinking skills through problem-solving and develop their social skills through teamwork
  • improve pupils’ ability to self-direct their individual learning and help them to have fun and gain pleasure from thinking.

Summary of contents

Enriching Science in Primary Schools offers challenging enrichment activities that aim to inspire more children to study science; encourage scientific literacy among all children; foster creativity with regard to scientific thinking; and stimulate an informed debate among children about the application and direction that science takes in our increasingly complex society.

Enriching Science in Primary Schools contains more than 80 activities that can be used in the classroom to extend and enrich the experience of science in school for children, gifted or otherwise.

The activities in this book are presented in four main sections:

  •     discovering science
  •     lesson enrichment activities for KS1 – with activities that link to each topic covered in the curriculum
  •     lesson enrichment activities for KS2 – with activities that link to each topic covered in the curriculum
  •     Science club enrichment and extension activities.

Chapter breakdown

Discovering science
1 Do fish swim backwards at night?
2 Bright glass
3 Presents to the past
4 Famous teeth
5 Stripes
6 Unlikely gardens
7 Five plus!
8 Eureka!
9 Looking for evidence
10 Living light
11 Laughitation
12 Future present  
Lesson enrichment activities KS1 and KS2
Key Stage 1
13 Animal babies
14 The eyes have it
15 Edible plants
16 Bending plants
17 Mop it up
18 Windproof
19 Light sources
20 Seeing in colour
21 Falling objects
22 Water wheels
23 Using our ears
24 Good vibrations
25 The white stuff
26 Alien creatures
27 Who lives where?
28 What’s that tree?
29 Ladybirds
30 Changing bodies
31 That’s not fair!
32 Heat and temperature
33 May the force be with you
34 Wind force
35 Electricity in the home
36 Being safe  
Key Stage 2
37 Whose teeth?
38 Are fizzy drinks really bad for teeth?
39 Where does the water go?
40 A bit seedy!
41 Testing, testing
42 Importance of plastics
43 Sedimentation
44 Rock on
45 Getting around
46 What a wind-up!
47 In the shade
48 Lunar eclipse
49 Skeleton
50 A model muscle
51 The incredible shrinking man
52 What a tangled web we weave!
53 Wind chill
54 Insulating your home
55 Getting rid of the water
56 Frozen solid
57 Faster bikes
58 Reducing friction
59 Upstairs, downstairs
60 Fault finding
61 Scurvy
62 Have a heart
63 Designer seed
64 Extinction
65 Windy weather
66 Gases in liquids
67 Drinking sea water
68 Freezing curve
69 Flat or round?
70 Changing height of the sun
71 Vibrating waves
72 Sound and noise
73 On safari
74 Jar Jar Binks
75 Whooping cough
76 Astronaut food
77 Saturated solutions
78 Vanishing varnish
79 Michael Faraday’s candle
80 Upthrust
81 Twister
82 Coloured shadows
83 A big circuit  
Science club enrichment and extension activities
84 Space creatures
85 Look, science everywhere!
Safe working
Risk assessment
Evaluation and review


Loose-leaf, 306 x 260, 140 Pages, Published 1/11/2008


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