Enriching Maths in Primary School


Oct 2008


Raise achievement in maths with enrichment activities that will challenge and excite your pupils!


Enriching Maths in Primary School will allow you to:

  • enrich maths lessons for all pupils and provide extension material that will challenge more-able pupils
  • improve pupils’ performance in this core subject by enriching the curriculum
  • enhance pupils’ enjoyment of maths and promote it as a subject for further study
  • support whole-school improvement by raising standards in core subjects
  • provide opportunities for pupils to expand their thinking skills through problem-solving and develop their social skills through teamwork
  • improve pupils’ ability to self-direct their individual learning and help them to have fun and gain pleasure from thinking.

Summary of contents

This collection of enrichment activities will allow you to provide exciting and original projects and challenges for teachers and children in the maths curriculum and beyond – particularly addressing the needs of the gifted and talented child.
Enriching Maths in Primary School is a collection of activities for able children that aims, through challenging enrichment work, to inspire more children to enjoy mathematics; to encourage mathematic literacy among all pupils; to stimulate creativity in mathematical thinking; and to promote an informed debate among pupils about the application and direction which mathematics takes in our increasingly complex society.

Enriching Maths in Primary School contains over 80 activities that can be used in the classroom to extend and enrich the experience of maths in school for children, gifted or otherwise. The activities in this book are presented in three main sections:

  •     number tasters
  •     lesson enrichment activities
  •     maths club enrichment and extension activities.

Chapter breakdown

Good practice model  
Number tasters
Time travel
Surreal solutions
How heavy is your head?
Is 7 heaven?
Mille pasuum
Chinese numerals
Mathematical folly
The mathematician’s bag
How does a rabbit measure a carrot?  
Lesson enrichment activities – using and applying mathematics
Why measure a wall?
Bigger or smaller
Odd days
Improving your area
Very exciting or only a little bit exciting?
What will we do?
Who jumps the highest?
Numbers in space  
Counting and understanding numbers
Number day
Number hunt
Animal fractions
Greater than…
All mixed up
Number wall
Numbers in the dark
Hat sizing
Large and little puzzles  
Knowing and using number facts
Magic circles
Where would you go?
Mathematical mnemonics
Numbers (The Musical)
Ceteris paribus
Growing bread
Thinking beyond numbers
If you were a horse
Mathematical island
Money matters
Napier’s bones
League tables
Finger arithmetic
Mathematical tricks
The great loo mystery
Doomsday rule
Curious maths
 ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’
Understanding shape
Wave the flag
Parabolic design
Maths in architecture
Möbius strip
Triangles into hexagons
Three into two
Journey to Timor  
What have the Romans ever done for us?
Painting and decorating
The Bermuda Triangle
Bus timetable
New millennium
Measuring volume
A model solar system
How many faces?
Paving stones  
Handling data
Ride my bicycle
Heads, tails and trees
Loaded dice!
Winning the Ashes
The solar system
Lines of best fit
Survival of the fittest
Tide tables  
Maths club enrichment activities
Alien communication
The mathematical picnic
Crop horse  
Risk assessment  
Evaluation and review  


Loose-leaf, 306 x 260, 168 Pages, Published 1/10/2008


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