Active Enrichment – Sports Themed Activities across the Curriculum


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May 2006


Active Enrichment: Sports Themed Activities across the Curriculum by John Senior offers 100 sports-themed extension activities for use across the curriculum, using students’ enjoyment of sport to enrich learning throughout their secondary school.


This resource will help you to:

  • support your students’ growth as independent learners
  • meet the need for intellectual challenge for children through involvement in sport
  • direct your students not only to an appreciation of sport but also to having fun and gaining pleasure from thinking
  • challenge and stretch your students as much as possible and enable them to prosper through achievement.

Summary of contents

Active Enrichment provides activities and materials that can meet the enrichment needs of the gifted and talented student, and those of a broader able audience. Many of the activities can be used for extension and enrichment with larger groups than is normally associated with gifted and talented children.

The activities in the resource are arranged into four groups:

  • ten-minute enrichment and early day activities suitable for home, on the way to school or at school – either as physical-intellectual tasks, practical activities or discussion tasks
  • lesson-length activities, which can be extended from a lesson into a day and from a day into a term and beyond
  • day-long enrichment and extended projects, which can be the beginning of life-long interests and the starting point for exploration of other enrichment to be explored
  • after-school and extended-day enrichment activities or discussion starters that are aimed at stimulating thinking on the way home or after school.

Chapter breakdown

Themed enrichment and extension activities
How to use the activities – Activity 2 – ‘Building winners’


  • The species team
  • Building winners
  • Exercise as you learn
  • Activity tables
  • House gym
  • High and low: managing success and failure
  • Collectable observations
  • The tin of soup game
  • Fishing by magnet
  • First, second and third place
  • Opening ceremony
  • Can’t get it out of my head
  • The healthy classroom


  • Going for a walk
  • Food for fans
  • Supporting the supporters
  • What are they looking at?
  • Winners eat veg!
  • Why green for grass?
  • Dreaming success
  • A sport for all
  • Thinking nets
  • Sport in space
  • Racing through time
  • Sunsets
  • Darts and dartboards
  • Manners maketh the sport
  • Lottery sports writing
  • Behind the scenes
  • The lessons of sport in business
  • Feet
  • Superstition in sport
  • How fast are you running?
  • The perfect trophy
  • Adapting bodies
  • Added value
  • Winning names
  • How far could your school run?
  • How far can you see?
  • Olympic legacy
  • The umpire’s decision is final
  • Competition and cooperation
  • Olympic mascots: past, present and future
  • The new events
  • Climate change and sport
  • Paroemiologically speaking, ‘Look before you leap’
  • Olympic employment
  • Future shop
  • English rose
  • Design an Olympic garden
  • Should there be a Children’s Olympics?
  • The Olympic anthem
  • Olympic stamps
  • Official Olympic artist
  • The right answer
  • Olympic maps: how to get there
  • Animals in sports
  • Solar system Olympics  


  • A better bat – a better ball
  • Winners wear red
  • Playground makeover
  • Game pictures
  • Faster!
  • Sport: the musical
  • Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy golf
  • For all to see
  • Body painting
  • Game in a game
  • Marathon
  • Cirit
  • The art of sport
  • The history of cpyce, for example
  • Getting around
  • ‘King of Games, Game of Kings’
  • Olympic links
  • Sport in literature
  • Sporting follies
  • A museum of sport
  • The London Olympic medal
  • Naming the sports stars and constellations
  • Healthy success
  • The Olympic flame
  • The first person to…
  • Triathlon triptych, a cross-stitch tapestry
  • Hopscotch revisited
  • The art of surfing
  • Travelling into the future
  • Land-locked regattas
  • The sporting holiday of a lifetime


  • Tipping up the Chelik
  • Improving applause
  • Home school – school home
  • Wristbands?
  • Win, win and win!
  • Future memories and echoes
  • Stepping out
  • When and why did we invent playing?
  • Tepe
  • Do not try this at all!
  • Rainy day PE
  • Go faster
  • Closing ceremony  




Loose-leaf, A4, 234 Pages


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