SEND year planner

Download and use this SEND year planner to ensure you stay on top of your priorities and meet all statutory requirements for the 2018-2019 academic year

Author details

Anita Devi is a special educational needs consultant, policy developer, strategist and trainer with experience from early years to postgraduate provision in the UK and overseas. 

Download and adapt the SEND year planner to ensure you meet all your requirements. The planner pin-points your priorities as a SENCO for 2018-2019, such as:

  • updating the Local Offer
  • updating school policies
  • reviewing your school's systems and structures
  • reporting, including SEN information report and governor updates
  • monitoring and enhancing the role of support staff
  • auditing staff knowledge and skills
  • engaging young people and their parents in SEND provision.

The planner also includes links to related resources that will support you in your role throughout the year.

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Last Updated: 
27 Jun 2018