Reconnection, recovery and resilience: the rising strong pathway

The Embark Federation are kindly sharing their recovery curriculum with Optimus members. See example material and follow the link below to access the full resource bank

How will we help learners to reconnect and recover after the disruption to schooling caused by the pandemic?

This was the question staff at the Embark Federation asked themselves. What started out as a three week programme grew into a nine team workstream, with a detailed resource bank set up for every stage.

The resource bank includes:

  • curriculum resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and transition to KS3 (team 6)
  • stakeholder surveys (team 3)
  • support for staff who are returning to school (team 4)
  • risk assessment materials (team 5).

Example resources

Book of Hope EYFS ideas

KS2 plan and suggested activities

Time capsule

Curriculum and team overview


Last Updated: 
02 Jul 2020