e-safety podcast: Safer Internet Day 2017

This year's Safer Internet Day was an opportunity to promote a better internet for all, concentrating on the positives as well as the negatives!

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For seven years, Alan Mackenzie was the service manager at Lincolnshire County Council, where he managed all IT services for around 350 schools. He was also the e-safety lead for Children's Services, raising initiatives for schools, police and...

An opportunity to 'be the change' we'd all like to see online, this year's Safer Internet Day was celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February.

Thousands of schools and organisations got involved, helping to promote better use of the internet among young people.  

E-safety consultant Alan Mackenzie spent most of the day in conversation with young people in a number of schools about the ways they engage online. What do we mean by the 'social' in social media? How can we understand, and respond appropriately, to online habits or behaviour that pupils now consider normal?  

In this podcast, Alan summarises his observations from these sessions, covering topics such as privacy, profiling and self-esteem. 

Get quizzical!

In celebration of SID, we put together a short quiz to help teachers spark some valuable conversations about the risks young people can face online.

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28 Feb 2017