Coronavirus (COVID-19): template letter for parents/carers

Use this template letter and accompanying information sheet to keep parents/carers informed about your school's principles regarding the current situation

Author details

Louise Duthart works at Academies Enterprise Trust at a national level (58 academies throughout England) as an operations quality improvement manager. 

She has a vast amount of experience working at a senior level in multi academy trusts...

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, schools have closed across the UK, except for those looking after the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. 

This template letter can be used to structure your communication with parents/carers of children still attending school and to clear up any uncertainties they may have. 

It can be adapted to cover:

  • the school's key principles
  • activities to keep pupils stimuilated and motivated
  • resources to support the mental health of both children and parents/carers.


Last Updated: 
27 Mar 2020