Supporting Staff Wellbeing - Manchester - Speakers

Wednesday 25 Mar 2020

Linda Burrows, Headteacher, Chorley New Road Primary

Linda has over 23 years’ experience of working in primary schools, with over 15 years in leadership roles. The past 5 years, she has been the Headteacher of Chorley New Road Primary School.  Linda has created an ethos where the wellbeing of the pupils, community, parents and staff is the driver for everything they do. The school has been awarded the Well Being at School Award, Leading Parent Partnership award and have achieved the Stonewall Gold Award.  A strength of her school is the clear vision, direction and effective planning to promote emotional and mental health wellbeing.

Karen Dempster, Co-founder, Fit2Communicate

Karen is a highly experienced communicator and is passionate about the power of relationships and communication in making a difference to future generations through a student's experience of school. As a parent and communication professional, she co-founded Fit2Communicate in 2014. Since then, she has worked with many UK schools and supported school leaders and the broader school community. She co-wrote a book about the Fit2Communicate school communication approach that was published in 2017. Karen is also a professional photographer and a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication. 

Malcolm Goddard, Wellbeing Award Adviser, former Headteacher and Local Authority Lead

Malcolm has 17 years’ experience as a primary headteacher, leading his first school from satisfactory to outstanding, and maintaining this over 12 years, and his second from inadequate to good within three years. Developing others to maximise their effectiveness whilst balancing the wellbeing and motivation of his teams has always been his keen interest. His particular expertise includes reorganising school teams to maximise impact, and indirectly coaching teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Professor Jonathan Glazzard, Professor of Inclusive Education, Leeds Beckett University

Jonathan is Director of the Centre for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education and Principal Researcher in the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools. In 2015, he was awarded National Teaching Fellow status by the Higher Education Academy and is one of  the HEA's Principal Fellows. Jonathan is a researcher, teacher educator and qualified teacher. His research focuses on a broad range of topics and disciplines, including mental health, LGBTQ+ inclusion, SEN, critical disability studies, critical psychology, sociology and early literacy development.

Dr Maureen Nash, Educational Consultant

Maureen has over 20 years’ experience of teaching, as a primary class teacher, SENCo and TA mentor. She was Teacher Adviser for Lancashire’s Parental Involvement Team. Maureen actively promoted the recruitment, professional development and career progression of support staff, as Teacher Adviser for Lancashire’s School Workforce Development Team. Maureen's PHd thesis was entitled ‘Teachers and teaching assistants: the perceptions of teaching assistants within national frameworks’. Maureen continues to promote parental involvement through Optimus’ Leading Parent Partnership award and is the author of the Best Practice with Teaching Assistants award. 

Patrick Ottley O’Connor, Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy & Northern Schools Trust  

Patrick is the Executive Principal of North Liverpool Academy, part of the Northern Schools Trust. He has been a senior leader for 25+ years, including as a Principal/Executive Principal in secondary, primary and special schools.  Patrick leads a variety of leadership programmes, including NPQ programmes ranging from Middle to Executive Leadership.  A DfE coach for the Women Leading in Education initiative, Patrick is also founding Director of Collaborative Leadership Ltd.

Justin Robbins, Co-founder, Fit2Communicate

Justin has been delivering communication professionally since 2001. His purpose of co-founding Fit2Communicate in 2014 was to make a difference to education through communication. He now helps schools and school teams work together more effectively for the ultimate benefit of their students. He co-wrote a book about the Fit2Communicate school communication approach that was published in 2017.  Justin is a school governor, triathlon coach, and a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication. He is passionate about helping people to better understand themselves and achieve their dreams.

Steve Waters, Founder and CEO, Teach Well Alliance

Steve has 30 years’ experience as a secondary teacher, Head of Department and Assistant Principal and 6 years as a local authority consultant. He founded Teach Well Alliance to support schools to implement a culture of staff wellbeing and mental health.  Steve is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and a member of the Council. A qualified counsellor and mental health First Aider, Steve holds the NPQH and is an online tutor and project assessor for NPQML and NPQSL. He has lived experience of burnout while teaching and is researching teachers’ experiences of mental ill-health at school. Steve’s belief is that we must make the wellbeing and mental health of our teachers a priority so that they are able to take care of our children and teach effectively.

Rachel Tomlinson, Headteacher, Barrowford Primary School

As Headteacher at Barrowford, Rachel has developed an ethos that has the wellbeing of staff and students as the centre of everything they do.  This is heavily based on restorative principles and has a reward-free and sanction-free approach to relationship management; to support this, there is a range of personnel available to provide diverse services to enable staff and students thrive.

Lisa Wisher, Therapist, Trainer and Adopter

Lisa has been delivering mental health courses for more than 15 years.  She regularly leads training for The Post Adoption Centre and Adoption UK. A national trainer for Mental Health England, Lisa initially worked as as social worker in residential settings and then in Acute and Rehabilitation Mental Health Services. After adopting two children, Lisa quickly realised the impact of early trauma on children’s health and well-being and focused on attachment issues.  A qualified psychotherapist, Lisa has established a successful therapy and training business and been appointed as Panel Chair for one of the Regional Adoption Agencies.