Supporting Staff Wellbeing - London - Programme

Wednesday 25 Nov 2020
ILEC, West Brompton, London

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Creating kinder cultures is the key to employee engagement
  • Create a kinder culture where people are caring, supportive and more empathic of each other’s anxieties
  • Use the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing
  • Improve your own levels of personal resilience
  • Inspire each other to be more open by saying ‘it’s okay not to be okay’

David Beeney, Breaking the Silence


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1B: Digital wellbeing

With remove learning and the use of a range of technology having become more prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic, and potentially changed the way we do things moving forwards, ensure staff have strategies to practice digital wellbeing


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2A: Communicating change

Reduce the stress of school changes or inspections through effective communication and engagement

  • Understand themselves and others to build good relationships and trust.
  • Simple communication strategies to improve school team working and parent relationships
  • Approaches to support efficient communication to save time and reduce cost

Justin Robbins and Karen Dempster, Fit2Communicate

14:40 – 15:30
2C: Meeting the wellbeing needs of support staff, whatever their role

The importance of addressing the wellbeing of non-teaching and support staff to create a truly whole school approach

  • Why including your support staff in your wellbeing focus is so important
  • How to meet their needs
  • The impact this can have on the pupils
  • Questions to take back to your school that can start the process off

Kimberley Evans, Nourish the Workplace (London)


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