Supporting the Progress of More Able Learners - London

Tuesday 1 Oct 2019
IBIS ILEC Conference Centre, London
Create a whole-school environment that stretches and encourages pupils to achieve their full potential


Why is this conference relevant?

'Very little is currently known as to how to best support and stretch the highly able, especially those who are from lower socioeconomic backgrounds'
(Dr Rebecca Montacute, Sutton Trust, July 2018)

There is a lack of consensus as to how more able learners can be effectively identified and supported, particularly within a mixed ability setting; the use of ‘more able’ and its related labels has also often negatively impacted pupils’ personal expectations and mental health.

This one-day event will equip you with invaluable guidance and easy-to-implement strategies, giving teachers the confidence to cultivate an ambitious curriculum that holistically stretches their more able students.

What can I expect?

This event will host insightful keynotes and content-rich workshops designed to address interventions you can lead to engage more able children and ensure their progress:

  • create a whole-school environment that challenges children to achieve their full potential in balance with maintaining resilience and a healthy mindset
  • gain simple strategies to effectively coordinate between subjects to cultivate an intellectually-stimulating meta curriculum, shifting away from teaching to the test
  • benefit from a diverse hub of best-practice strategies utilised in a range of educational settings
  • optimise your approach to supporting the progress of more able children with dual or multiple exceptionalities (DME) and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Who should attend?

  • More Able / Most Able Coordinators
  • Deputy Head teachers
  • Assistant Headteachers
  • Phase Leaders
  • Heads of Department
  • Teaching and Learning Coordinators
  • Head of Enrichment