Realising Potential - Digital - Programme

Thursday 17 Mar 2022 - Wednesday 23 Mar 2022
Online modules and on-demand content

Module 1: Thursday 17 March 15:00 - 16:45 GMT

Inspire success - motivate and ignite passion for learning (15:00)

Conference Chair - Claire Gadsby, Educational Consultant and Author

Accelerate improvement (15:30)

Explore research on which learning strategies are most effective and the benefits of retrieval practical and gain practical strategies to implement in your classroom

Kate Jones, InnerDrive

Questioning for stretch and challenge (16:15)

Questioning is a key ingredient in high-quality teaching and learning. It is also an important way of ensuring that all students make the best progress possible. Discover strategies to ensure that high-quality questioning embeds stretch and challenge for all

Caroline Bentley-Davies, Teaching, Learning and Leadership Consultant and Author

Module 2: Monday 21 March 15:00 - 16:45 GMT

Spot potential and develop your environment so it can flourish (15:00)

Explore the cognitive biases for why it is difficult to spot and predict talent and potential
What the research says about how to help develop it
Create a culture of excellence and resilience

Bradley Busch, Chartered Psychologist, InnerDrive

Culture of aspiration and performance (15:45)

Gain practical strategies for creating a whole-school culture of mental toughness and ensuring consistent, successful classroom application

Paul Trainor, Managing Director, Positive Synergy

Quality text to quality writing (16:15)

Opening doors to quality writing through challenging, high-quality texts

Bob Cox, Education Consultant and Author


Module 3: Wednesday 23 March  15:15 - 16:30 GMT

Metacognition (15:15)

Take a closer look at common definitions of metacognition, how to explore it further and how to effectively move KS1-3 pupils from self-concept to self-efficacy by explicitly teaching metacognitive strategies

Anoara Mughal, author of Think! Metacognition-powered Primary Teaching

Innovative revision strategies (15:50)

Revision and planning have been shown to make up to 1.5 grades difference to final exam results. In this interactive and practical workshop, you will:

  • be introduced to a range of innovative and effective revision strategies for use in any subject;
  • explore how to increase students' motivation to revise;
  • learn how to structure revision to maximise memory

Claire Gadsby, Educational Consultant and Author