Realising Potential - London

Thursday 17 Mar 2022
Maximise the learning experience and ensure quality teaching and impactful interventions that drive excellence through stretch and challenge for every pupil


Why is this conference relevant?

'Done well, feedback can support pupil progress, build learning, address misunderstanding and thereby close the gap between where a pupil is and where the teacher wants them to be. This process is a crucial component of high-quality teaching, which has never been more important as schools look to recover their pupils' learning in the wake of the pandemic,' Professor Becky Francis, CEO, the Education Endowment Foundation, June 2021.

This one-day conference focuses on how to boost learning and ensure impactful interventions and quality teaching, enabling each pupil to fully realise their potential.

What can I expect?

This conference will provide opportunity to network and discuss key teaching and learning issues with other primary and secondary practitioners. The mix of keynotes, roundtables and workshop choices will deliver practical tools and reflective space to ensure your learners are inspired, engaged and motivated and your curriculum and interventions have impact.

  • Create a culture of quality first teaching which ignites passion for learning.
  • Develop impactful interventions for core skills to target needs and drive progress.
  • Ensure enrichment and extension which provides stretch and challenge for all.
  • Use your teaching team strategically to identify gaps and achieve maximum impact.
  • Cultivate a learning experience built on feedback for impact and scaffolding for success.

Who should attend?

  • Curriculum Lead
  • Deputy Head Academic/Curriculum
  • Key Stage Co-ordinator
  • Head of Department
  • Subject Co-ordinator

What our previous delegates have said

Thought provoking discussions on what is undoubtedly the most important issue facing schools today,' Assistant Headteacher, Delivering a Broad and Balanced Curriculum Conference

As with all my experiences at Optimus conferences, I have come away with fresh ideas, motivation and determination to ensure our children receive the best possible education,' Assistant Head, Delivering a Broad and Balanced Curriculum Conference