Maximise Your Virtual Presence and Stakeholder Engagement - Digital - Masterclass programme

Friday 19 Mar 2021
Digital - 10am to 12 noon

Session 1: Maximise Your School’s Virtual Presence (Alta Justus)

Digital marketing has always been an essential part of a school's marketing strategy and the COVID-19 pandemic has now taken that one step further, proving the need for a virtual presence as well. From online learning to virtual open days, tours and parent-teacher meetings, parents now not only expect to find your school online, but engage with you there as well.

In this session, we'll look at opportunities to improve your school's virtual presence and, ultimately, your admission numbers.


  • the difference between your online and virtual presence
  • the platforms and tools to best engage with your audiences online
  • best practices for polished and engaging virtual events
  • promoting your school's virtual profile and events.

Session 2: Stakeholder Engagement (Simon Hepburn)

From a distance, marketing can look as if it’s just about design and creative flair - but it’s also vitally important to understand the people you are communicating with, meet their needs, and develop relationships for the future that will benefit your school.

In this session, we’ll look at key parts of this process and share some case studies of schools that have successfully engaged stakeholders.


  • how to work out who really matters to your school
  • how to find out what they want from a relationship with your school
  • how to use ‘engaged’ stakeholders to attract those who are not
  • how to build long-term relationships.