Maximise Your Virtual Presence and Stakeholder Engagement - Digital

Friday 19 Mar 2021
Digital - 10am to 12 noon


Why is this masterclass relevant?

2020 has shown the impact and importance of your virtual presence in maintaining communications, boosting your reputation, and supporting and engaging stakeholders. Using your communications and marketing strategy to manage these relationships enables you to proactively develop engagement, create a strong reputation and presence and effectively resolve complaints. Equipping your school or trust with the latest insights to getting the most out of digital communications will benefit admissions, recruitment, engagement, fundraising and community reputation. 

What can I expect?

In this two-hour interactive digital masterclass, two education marketing specialists will provide a practical and in-depth insight to digital communications and strategy, as well as fostering stakeholder engagement. Equip yourself with the skills to develop your communications strategy and virtual presence. Practical collaboration with other school communications and marketing professionals will give you new strategies and increased confidence and skills to manage public relations and build a strong community on and offline.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing and Communication Officers
  • School Business Managers
  • Public Relations and media leads
  • Headteachers
  • Fundraising and Admissions Officers
  • Alumni and Development Officers

Part of the Leading Business Strategy masterclasses

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