MAT Leadership Programme 2020/21: Driving Improvement through Teams - Modules 5 & 6

Thursday 17 Sep 2020 - Thursday 27 May 2021

Module 5: Finance and the 3 Es of economy, efficiency and effectiveness

Date: 29 April 2021
Time: 09.30-15.30
Location: Online using Zoom: details will be confirmed

Module leader: Tim McCarthy
Guest speaker: Ben March, Chief Finance and Operations Officer, STEP Academy Trust

As finances become more constrained, a major challenge for MAT Leaders is to ensure they manage budgets in the strategic context of balancing economy, efficiency and effectiveness.  This module explores this strategic balancing challenge and identifies how the challenge can be addressed.

  • Financial management and the 3Es.
  • Balancing the 3Es.
  • Measuring the 3Es.
  • Moving up the hierarchy of efficiency gains.
  • Delivering the benefits of being a MAT.
  • The relationship between the CEO, the Chair of the Board, the Board and the MAT Leadership Team.

Module 6: Strategies for sustainable growth

Date: 27 May 2021
Time: 09.30-15.30
Location: Online using Zoom: details will be confirmed

Module leader: Andy Samways 
Guest speaker: Sir Jon Coles, Group Chief Executive, United Learning Trust

Growth is not an end in itself but a means to an end.  If growth is to enable the MAT to achieve its objectives, it must be sustainable.  This module seeks to explore growth for MATs and what needs to be in place to ensure that it is sustainable.

  • What business are MATs in?
  • The benefits and disadvantages of growth.
  • Managing growth and its leadership challenges.
  • An agenda for sustainable growth.
  • Growth options and choosing what’s best for your MAT.


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