Leading Your Curriculum with Confidence - Manchester

Thursday 18 Jun 2020
Clarify new expectations around leadership and create a curriculum which benefits all learners



Why is this conference relevant?

Developing a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges children is central to the running of any school. With the updates around the Ofsted inspection process, particularly the focus on deep dives into non-core subjects, having a clear vision and design for your school’s curriculum is more important than ever.

What can I expect?

With keynotes focusing on the updated Ofsted framework and deep dives, this conference will provide you with practical strategies to ensure that you provide a broad and balanced curriculum within your school. With sessions that focus on the role that non-core subject leads will play, within deep dives, and the importance of inclusion and mastery to nurture and drive progress for all students, this conference has a varied content that is designed to provide support for curriculum design and implementation.

With the increased focus from Ofsted on subject leaders, the opportunity to share best practice with fellow professionals and obtain practical strategies to aid the successful implementation of a knowledge rich curriculum is invaluable.

Who should attend?

  • Headteacher
  • Assistant Headteacher
  • Curriculum Leads
  • Subject Leaders

Resources that will be avaliable to download once registering for conference:

1. Bridging the gap between curriculum intrent and impact: getting the implementation right

The design of the curriculum is a good starting point to evaluate your curriculum intent. Are pupils gaining the knowledge and skills that you intend? Tom Fay offers strategies to use.

2. How retrieval practice can help pupils remember and understand

Cognitive psychologist Megan Smith explains why testing can help learning, and how teachers can use retrieval practice to boost their pupils' knowledge retention.

3. Mastery Learning Lesson Plan

Plan for fluent and permanent learning. Use this template of the mastery lesson plan as a basis for pushing your students to subject mastery.

4. Preparing for a deep dive

Deep dives into the curriculum include discussions with senior and subject leaders and teachers, scrutiny of pupils' work and lesson visits. Josephine Smith explains how to be ready.

What our previous delegates have said:

'Helpful ideas for whole school planning and incorporating varied resources', Assistant Principal, Highgate Junior School

'Thought provoking discussions on what is undoubtedly the most important issue facing schools today', Assistant Headteacher, Wapping Highschool

'Very well organised event with excellent speakers', Assistant Headteacher, Boston House School