Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2022 - Dubai - Wellbeing (Day 2)

Tuesday 17 May 2022 - Wednesday 18 May 2022
Crowne Plaza, Dubai

Join us on Wednesday 18 May for our Wellbeing progamme at the Crowne Plaza Dubai. Hear more about the wellbeing day from our Chair, Dr Gilda Scarfe.

Choose from 9 practical seminar-style workshops designed to empower you and equip you with tools to: 

  • foster a culture and curriculum that prioritises wellbeing
  • identify signs of mental ill health
  • support each student and member of staff to recognise, prioritise and manage their own wellbeing.

Registration (08:00 - 08:45)

Welcome from Optimus Education (08:45)

Chair's Welcome (08:50)

Dr Gilda Scarfe, CEO and Founder, Positive Ed

Weathering the storm (09:05)

Survey the landscape with key trends and policy updates that prioritise wellbeing

Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Creativity, Happiness and Innovation, KHDA

Staff culture of wellbeing (09:30)

Build support networks that proactively model healthy worklife habits and recognise and react to signs of burn out and mental ill health among colleagues

Anna Nowak, Head of ALN secondary and EAL teacher, Compass International School Doha

Hear more about this session from Anna

Building mental wellbeing and flourishing beyond the classroom (10:00)

Panel input followed by sharing of strategies and interventions that have supported pupil wellbeing

Questions and Answers (10:30)

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition (10:40 - 11:15)

Workshop choices (11:15 - 12:05)

1A. Strengths-based resilience

Equip your pupils with skills to flourish in challenging circumstances, learn from their mistakes and adopt a growth mindset

Dr Gilda Scarfe, CEO and Founder, Positive Ed

1B. Staff team wellbeing

Reduce workload and gain life hacks for wellbeing to support a culture of wellbeing for your whole staff team

1C. Spotlight on Adolescence

Support students to manage mood changes and self-regulate their behaviour and emotions

Lunch, networking and exhibition (12:05 - 13:05)

Implement, monitor and evaluate your wellbeing curriculum to suit your setting and underpin your culture (13:05)

Positive Education: A toolkit to equip and empower every students to flourish (13:35)

Dr Gilda Scarfe, CEO and Founder, Positive Ed

Questions and answers (14:05)

Workshop choices (14:20 - 15:10)

2A. Mindfulness

Develop a culture and curriculum of mindfulness that equips every student with tools to recognise and regulate their emotions

2B. Personal growth

Look after your own wellbeing, professional and personal development, and identify areas for growth

Anna Nowak, Head of ALN secondary and EAL teacher, Compass International School Doha

Hear more about this workshop from Anna

2C. Spotlight on Anxiety

Recognise indicators of anxiety and gain tools to equip students to manage challenging situations including exam stress and panic attacks

Dr Gilda Scarfe, CEO and Founder, Positive Ed

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition (15:10 - 15:35)

Workshop choices (15:35 - 16:25)

3A. Wellbeing Curriculum

Evaluate the impact of your wellbeing curriculum and interventions and take a proactive approach to promoting good mental health

Ambika Gulati, Principal, The Millennium School, Dubai

3B. Recognise the signs 

Gain tools to proactively identify mental ill health and handle crisis situations with confidence

Dr Daniela Salazar, Clinical Psychologist, Lighthouse Arabia

3C. Spotlight on peer relationships

Empower your students to cultivate relationships based on trust, respect and kindness and recognise and respond to bullying

Conference closes at 16:30