Inclusion & Wellbeing MENA 2022 - Dubai SOLD OUT

Tuesday 17 May 2022 - Wednesday 18 May 2022
Crowne Plaza, Dubai
Lead and develop your whole school culture of inclusion and wellbeing to equip both students and staff to grow and flourish

This event is now sold out. 


We are delighted to be back in Dubai for the 4th year of this important event and to have The Safeguarding Company as the Lead Sponsor.



Why is this conference relevant?

This two-day event gives you the opportunity to focus on key issues in both the inclusion and wellbeing sphere. Network with other school leaders as we unfurl from blended learning. Gain new strategies and ideas to further develop good mental health among both students and staff and evidence impactful inclusive provision.

How are you ensuring inclusive quality first teaching and intervention? Are you looking for new ways to develop and evidence a robust inclusion culture where you can monitor and track impact as you reduce barriers to learning and provide the classroom environment for your students of determination to thrive?

As you lead your school's inclusion, and actively engage with students and their parents to share responsibility for individual progress and development, our inclusion day will support and enrich your provision and leadership.

Benefit from expert speakers and return to school energised to implement and review interventions that accelerate learning and boost inclusive and equitable universal provision as well as targeted support.

Explore new strategies to ensure the meaningful participation and active involvement of every student - physically, academically, socially, emotionally and culturally.

The wellbeing day brings a fresh focus on staff and student wellbeing, equipping you to recognise and respond to individual need and build a whole-school culture that supports good mental health both within and beyond the school.

What can I expect?

Day one will focus on leading and developing inclusion to ensure impact.

  • Lead and develop your whole school culture of inclusion and equity.
  • Gain new strategies to implement and monitor evidence-based quality interventions and inform targeted support.
  • Reduce barriers to learning and promote the active involvement and inclusion of every student – physically, academically, socially, emotionally and culturally.
  • Actively engage colleagues and families to collaborate and share responsibility for the progress and development of students of determination.

Day two will focus on a whole school culture of wellbeing and mental health which supports both students and staff

  • Gain practical strategies to support mental health in the classroom
  • Develop your whole-school culture of wellbeing and support colleagues to recognise and reduce burnout and promote work-life balance
  • Recognise indicators of anxiety and equip students with coping strategies to manage stress and anger
  • Monitor wellbeing and promote an environment where young people thrive socially and emotionally and develop learning behaviour for independence

Plus, back for another year, free-to-attend seminars for your LSAs focusing on meeting different needs in the classroom.

More information to come soon.

Who should attend?

  • Principals
  • Assistant and Deputy Principals
  • Directors and Heads of Inclusion
  • Directors and Heads of Wellbeing
  • Pastoral Leads
  • School Counsellors
  • SENCOs
  • Wellbeing Coordinators
  • Inclusion Support Teams
  • Learning Support Managers