Growing and Developing a Trust - Manchester - Programme

Wednesday 8 Mar 2023

Grow your MAT with a sustainable model that aligns with your trust’s ethos.


Registration, refreshments and networking (08:30)

Welcome and housekeeping (09:15)

Chair's introduction and welcome (09:20)

Karen Burns, CEO, Victorious Academies Trust

Sustainable growth (09:30)

Ensure that your trust reaches its potential with minimum risk, whilst taking the opportunities that arise.

Karen Burns, CEO, Victorious Academies Trust

Centralised systems (09:55)

Understand the benefits of internalised systems to improve quality and efficiency throughout your trust.

Lee Mason-Ellis, CEO, The Pioneer Academy
Anne Slade, COO, The Pioneer Academy

Questions and answers (10:40)

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition (10:50 – 11:30)

Workshop choices (11:30 – 12:15)

1A. Balance your budget

Embed efficiencies in your trust to future-proof your trust’s finances.

Steve Howell, CFO, Red Kite Learning Trust

1B. Expand your central team

Grow your trust-wide staff roles to save money and ensure consistency.

Karen Burns, CEO, Victorious Academies Trust

1C. Absence Management

Minimise employee absences and ensure you save money and time on preventable issues.

Jackie Salvidge, CEO, Innovate Healthcare
Abby Turk, Account Manager, Innovate Healthcare

Lunch, networking and exhibition (12:15 – 13:05)

Panel discussion: Growth models (13:05)

Learn the benefits and disadvantages of competing models so you can set out your 5-year growth plan with confidence.

Workshop choices (13:40 – 14:25)

2A. Recruitment and retention

Gain techniques to entice and retain valuable staff members as you grow.

2B. Making an approach

Benefit from lessons learned by trusts who have successfully approached and integrated other schools.

2C. Energy efficiencies and net zero

Take away strategies to lead on sustainability in your MAT.

John Barneby, COO, Oasis Community Learning

Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition (14:25 – 14:45)

Workshop choices (14:45 – 15:30)

3A. Create a distinctive culture

Identify tangible changes you can make across your trust and define your ethos.

John Brennan, Managing Director, Glove Consultancy

3B. People strategy

Ensure that your staff have opportunities to grow and develop alongside your trust.

3C. Onboarding academies 

As you grow, effectively embed your systems and processes across new schools and academies.

Anna Upton, Deputy Trust Leader, EMBARK Federation

Lessons from the business sector (15:30)

Benefit from key takeaways that have proven successful in business, that can be applied to developing your growth model.

Conference closes at 16:05