Effective Primary Assessment under the new National Curriculum

Thursday 29 Jan 2015
Best practice in assessment and data use to ensure progress continues to be tracked accurately and robustly after the removal of levels

Event summary - why is this conference relevant?

The pace of change for primary schools has been relentless recently and, during this academic year, assessment as we know it is changing forever.

With minimal guidance coming from the Department for Education, school-to-school support, advice and knowledge sharing has never been more vital.

Are you making the most of what your peers have learned and established in their schools?

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Learning outcomes - what can I expect?

This unique conference brings together the most advanced assessment practice across the country to share their successes in developing new assessment systems, and good practice around data use.

Be sure not to miss out on your opportunity to gain and share knowledge with peers, and ensure that you’re not ‘reinventing-the-wheel’ time and time again.

Outcomes include:

  • Latest update on assessment
    Keep abreast of the latest changes around assessment and accountability in your primary school
  • Presenting data to Ofsted
    Clarify how best to present information and data to Ofsted to  back up the progress outcomes of your assessment system
  • A mastery approach
    Using the new National Curriculum and assessment procedures to deepen rather than broaden pupil learning
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"Very valuable - I'm pleased I came. Thought provoking"
Headteacher, Wynndale Primary School

"A thought provoking day which gave me a way forwards to plan our approach to assessment without levels"
Assistant Headteacher, Minet Infant School

"A great day! really good food for thought"
Deputy Headteacher, Chase Side Primary School