Develop and Demonstrate Outstanding SMSC 2014 - London

Wednesday 7 May 2014
Practical and proven tools to effectively embed, evaluate and evidence spiritual, moral, social and cultural education across your school

Event summary - why is this conference relevant?

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural pupil development plays a crucial role at inspection. If a school is rated inadequate for SMSC, the overall grade received cannot be higher than inadequate. It has therefore never been more vital that SMSC is successfully embedded across your whole school.

Are you confident that Ofsted will judge your pupils’ SMSC development to be Outstanding?

Keynote speeches - what can I expect?

  • Raise the profile of SMSC across your school: Gain strategic advice for raising the profile of SMSC across your school, by demonstrating the link between SMSC and pupil achievement
  • Get the latest from Ofsted: Understand what Ofsted look for when inspecting SMSC in your school as well as how to evidence ‘Outstanding’ provision across your whole school
  • Embed SMSC across your school: Embed SMSC across your whole school, and ensure it is reflected in your school’s ethos and values, and embodied by pupils and colleagues


Delegate reviews - why choose Optimus Education?

“Very inspirational - great materials.  Great to speak to colleagues and share ideas”
Head of Senior School, Highclane School

“Very interesting and thought-provoking sessions.  Well organised”
Assistant Headteacher,  Staindrop School

“Very encouraging - also challenging!  I'm going back to my college with a list of bullet points to work on!”
PSHE Co-ordinator,  Bosworth Independent College

“A packed and valuable day”
SMSC Leader,  Smallwood Primary School



In partnership with SMSC Toolkit: Online tools to audit and evaluate SMSC in schools.

SMSC GridMaker: Audit or track SMSC using our system for mapping evidence of teaching and learning.

  • Capture SMSC in any lesson or activity using criteria based on the Ofsted Framework.
  • Create interactive maps, graphs and printable reports to share with parents, governors and Ofsted.
  • Identify strengths, gaps in provision and measure impact across the whole curriculum.
  • Generate evidence for self-evaluation, curriculum planning or professional development.

SMSC iAbacus: Evaluate SMSC using our process for self-evaluation and improvement planning.

  • Evaluate your school’s vision, ethos, environment, curriculum, co-ordination etc.
  • Analyse factors which affect each aspect of SMSC provision.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and create reports or plans for improvement.
  • Monitor the impact of actions and record improvement over time.

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