Delivering Statutory RSE 2021 - London - Speakers

Thursday 7 Oct 2021
ILEC Conference Centre, London

Alice Hoyle (Chair), Relationships and Sex Education Expert

Alice has an MSc in sexual health education and works freelance in the field of relationships and sex education (RSE) mainly supporting practitioners working with children and young people from early years to early adulthood. A qualified teacher, she now also works as an youth worker ensuring her youth-centred practice remains current. Alice's projects include Sex and History, It Happens Education, the Sexual Health Circus, Project Object and DO…RSE  for schools. Alice is a life member of the PSHE Association and a trustee of the Sex Education Forum.

Listen to Alice's chair's welcome for the Delivering Statutory RSE conference

Hear what Alice has to say about her Creative approaches to RSE workshop

Eleanor Draeger, Sexual Health and HIV Doctor, Sex Education Trainer, It Happens Education

Dr Eleanor Draeger (MBBS, FRCP) is a Sexual health and HIV doctor and sex education trainer. While training to be a sexual health consultant she saw many young people in clinic who were only there because of a lack of good quality, accurate sex education, and this inspired her to expand her professional career into sex education. She currently spends half her time in the NHS, and half her time working with It Happens as an associate trainer. The combination of her specialist sexual health knowledge and experience as an educator and trainer give her a unique perspective to bring to relationships and sex education work.

Watch Eleanor introduce her session on Puberty

Amy Forbes-Robertson, Partner, It Happens Education

Amy Forbes-Robertson BA, MPhil, PGCE, has years of experience with young people, is a qualified teacher, and governor of a primary school. Having stepped out of the classroom; Amy has committed her working life to Relationships Sex & Health Education as an external speaker & trainer in hundreds of schools across the UK. ‘It Happens Education’ are PSHE Association members, partners of the Sex Education Forum and work with students, parents & teachers navigating this challenging terrain, joining up the RSHE dots between home, school, and the lives of young people today. Amy recently co-authored ‘Brilliant Questions about Growing Up’ published by Penguin 2020.

Hear more about Amy and Louise's session on Challenging chats - Primary

Andrew Hampton, CEO of Girls on Board

Andrew was the headteacher of Thorpe Hall School from 2007 until he stepped down earlier this year. He was a director of ISI from 2018 to 2019 and was the Chair of ISA in 2014 – 2015. Andrew created the Girls on Board approach in 2011 and launched it as a commercial training opportunity to schools in 2017. There are now over 300 schools using the approach across the UK and the world. The book ‘When Girls Fall Out’ is due out soon. Thorpe Hall has been shortlisted for the TES Independent Schools’ Wellbeing Initiative of the Year 2019 and 2020 and won the Independent Schools Association Award for Excellence and Innovation in Mental Health and Wellbeing 2019.

Jonny Hunt, Sex Education Consultant

Jonny is an independent sex education (RSE) consultant, working face-to-face with children and young people from the age of four years upwards, delivering workshops and writing educational packages, as well as training the professionals that work with them. He specialises in delivering inclusive RSE, with a sex-positive approach, encouraging both adults and young people to explore their attitudes and values to sex and relationships. Jonny considers himself privileged to be able to talk to young people and help to shape their views and expectations when it comes to sex and relationships.

Learn more about Jonny's session on Tackling sexual harassment through sexual citizenship here

Listen to Jonny introduce his session on Talking to young people about pornography and sex media

Julie Johnson, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Educator and Author, Pathways

Julie trained as a nurse and has been an educational consultant specialising in wellbeing and PSHE for 28 years. Trained as a systemic therapist, Julie worked as a psychotherapist in schools and private practice. A leading provider of workshops and seminars for young people and parents in London, Julie teaches mindfulness and mindful self-compassion to children, teachers and parents. Author of several children’s books on issues including bullying, anger, and stepfamilies, Julie contributed to Radio 4 productions including ‘Bringing up Britain’ and a series on cyberbullying. She is committed to informing, equipping, affirming, and at times challenging, all who work with children, adolescents and parents.

Find out more about Julie's keynote on Sexual Harassment here

Rebecca Mace, Digital Philosopher, Expert in Teenage Online Presence

Rebecca is a digital philosopher and educational researcher with 20 years of teaching experience. Alongside her current part-time role in schools, she is a UCL FHEA Teaching Fellow lecturing in Digital Literacy & Communication. She is also a Lecturer and Module Lead at UWL, Learning and Assessment & Academic Performance. Previously Research Associate at University of Oxford Internet Institute Digital Ethics Lab, she is now also completing a PhD at UCL. She has run projects in Social Media and related social dynamics in school, using Virtual Reality in education (SEN and mainstream settings), and Artificially Intelligent marking systems in English Literature. She is passionate about education for empowerment.

Watch Rebecca introduce her upcoming session on teenagers and their evolving (digital) world

Angela Milliken-Tull, Co-founder, Chameleon PDE

Angela has over 25 years’ experience working in education and public health. She has experience in the secondary and university sector and is trained as a public health specialist with a focus on health and wellbeing of children and young people. She has led on several innovative projects that have shown measurable improvements for young people. As co-founder of Chameleon PDE she is passionate about empowering teachers to confidently deliver quality PSHE to build the skill set and support the life chances of young people.

Find out more from Angela about her upcoming session on empowering teachers

Jamie O'Connell, Co-Founder, Life Lessons

Jamie has, for over 12 years, applied innovation to education; growing a number of education technology businesses that successfully support student learning and progression. Jamie has a particular interest in the positive power of peer-based learning and influence. This started when he was part of the founding team at The Student Room and more recently as Director of Strategic Development at Unibuddy. Jamie and his co-founder Nicole Rodden have set out to scale the provision of high quality life skills education and to prove it’s impact, starting with relationships and sex education fit for the modern world.

Hear from Jamie and Nicole about their upcoming workshop with Dr Emily Setty on consent and healthy relationships

Victoria Pugh, Senior Lecturer, University of Worcester

Victoria is a Senior Lecturer for Primary ITE PSHE and RSE. She teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and leads SEND, inclusion and diversity across the ITE courses. Victoria spent 15 years teaching in primary schools both in the UK and abroad. During her career, she has been part of management teams and has spent the majority of her career as both PSHE coordinator and SENCo across the Early years, primary and secondary age phases. She worked as a specialist leader of education (SLE) for PSHE creating networks and training across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Victoria is the series editor and co-author of the Collins “My Life” primary PSHE curriculum packs and the co-editor and author of “Teaching PSHE, RSE and Health education in primary schools: enhancing the whole curriculum” published by Bloomsbury academic.

John Rees, Education Consultant, PSHE Solutions

A former secondary school leader, John led the development of a 2-school, theory driven, evidence-informed research project on RSE at Exeter University. The evidence of health improvement and educational gain across 200+ schools were unique in Europe. Since 2006 he has worked across the UK and overseas to provide coaching and training, especially around PSHE, to support staff development and improve the learning and life chances of children and young people.

Watch John's short introduction to his keynote on Grasping the nettle: confident RSE delivery

Hear more about John's workshop on Challenging questions for secondary

Nicole Rodden, Co-Founder, Life Lessons

Nicole Rodden (MA, BA, PGCE) is a former Relationships & Sex Education teacher with Teach First. Nicole co-founded the award-winning platform Life Lessons, with the mission to normalise life's most important conversations, starting with relationships and sex education. Life Lessons supports teachers to deliver the length and breadth of government-recommended RSE curriculum in a way that is relatable to young people. Prior to this, Nicole undertook a Masters in Education Leadership and was Programme and Training Manager at Education Charity, Team Up.

Hear from Jamie and Nicole about their upcoming workshop with Dr Emily Setty on consent and healthy relationships

Dr Emily Setty, Lecturer, University of Sussex

Emily’s expertise is in young people’s sex and relationship cultures, particularly their digitally-mediated cultures. She primarily undertakes qualitative research with young people to understand their perspectives on the risks and harms connected to sex and relationships in the contemporary context, and their views on education, interventions and regulations designed to address the issues they face. Emily works with frontline stakeholders to explore how research findings can be translated into policy and practice, with the aim of supporting a youth-led and youth-centered approach that engages with the complex realities and social contingencies of young people’s lives.

Dr Emily Setty will be presenting a workshop on consent and healthy relationships with Life Lessons - find out more

Louise Squire, Associate, It Happens Education

Louise (BA(Hons), PGCE, QTS, YMHFA) has worked in Prep schools for the last 17 years, most recently as Assistant Head -Safeguarding and Wellbeing at St George’s School, Windsor Castle. Through her teaching and pastoral work with children, she has direct experience of how the teaching of informative and reflective RSE impacts the safety and wellbeing of young people by providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be safe and happy as they grow and develop relationships. Louise has planned PSHE and RSE curriculums to reflect latest statutory guidance and has experience of developing a whole school approach.

Hear more about Amy and Louise's session on Challenging chats - Primary

Laura White, Associate, It Happens Education

Laura (BA, MA, PGCE, QTS) brings 15 years experience of working with young people in schools pastorally, academically and digitally to the It Happens Education team. Laura is a qualified teacher and began teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy at Ardingly College in Sussex, where she developed their “Eudaemonia” programme which helped students understand the power of decision making, character and choices for their futures. Laura advises It Happens Education on effective, safe and thoughtful uses of technology to support face to face and online workshops and lectures. She is really looking forward to continuing to work with teachers, students and parents to ensure that RSHE learning and delivery is outstanding as Statutory takes effect.

Watch Laura's short video introduction to her session on Planning for Progress