Webinar: Time saving differentiation strategies

With practical strategies and ways to differentiate without extensive planning, Amjad Ali offers time-effective classroom differentiation tips


Amjad is a qualified advanced skills teacher for teaching and learning. He is currently working as an assistant head teacher, with a responsibility for inclusion. Amjad currently teaches English and RE.

In the second of his webinars on differentiation, Amjad Ali returns to give more detail on quick, effective differentiation strategies.

This webinar will look in more depth at practical strategies that you can use in your teaching. In particular Amjad will focus on:

  • how to differentiate without spending hours on planning
  • varied methods of differentiation – that don’t require making three versions of the same worksheet
  • subject-specific tasks, giving examples of differentiation strategies in action.

The presentation will focus on differentiation as a means to effective teaching and learning provision for all students. Amjad is a secondary practitioner, however many of the ideas shared will be transferable to the primary classroom.

As ever, you’ll be able to download all slides and resources from the day of the event, and will be able to put questions to Amjad during the webinar. You can also send your questions to Amjad before the webinar at webinars@optimus-education.com

Last Updated Date: 
21 Apr 2015