Webinar for SBMs: surviving the SLT - have your say

Many of you have told us that a key concern is your relationship with the senior leadership team. Watch this webinar to gain expert advice and share your views


Nickii Messer was a school business manager for many years in three school phases, including seven years on the SLT. She now works as a consultant and is Anglia Ruskin’s operational lead for their SBM programmes. Nickii is passionate about the...

Calling all SBMs: it’s time to get together and talk!  This exciting new webinar brings together advice, best practice and the opportunity for discussion and sharing.

Relationships between SBMs and the rest of the senior leadership team can be challenging. We have heard stories of SBMs being ignored, disrespected and misunderstood; of difficult colleagues; and of headteachers trying to take over your role.

How can you survive and thrive in such an environment? Join our webinar to discuss your achievements and share your challenges and concerns. 

We will have our SBM expert, Nickii Messer, here to offer best practice advice and guidance. You will come away knowing that there is a community out there ready to listen, share ideas and discuss your concerns. As a result, you will feel more confident about facing the challenges of the new school year!

Last Updated Date: 
01 Oct 2015