Webinar: Effective school leadership vs management

School leaders are also managers, so when do you need to lead and when do you need to manage?


Helen Morgan is executive director at HM Education Consultancy Ltd and offers bespoke training, coaching and consultancy support to educational organisations. Her portfolio is underpinned by her experience as a teacher, school leader, local...

Differentiate between school leadership and management by understanding various skills and styles needed to motivate teams.

Leaders set new goals and direction through visionary thinking, inspiration and innovation. Leaders challenge the status quo that managers spend much of their time adhering to in order to achieve set tasks.

School leadership and management require different acts, qualities and behaviours. You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader but understanding how they are linked and must exist in tandem is crucial to drive whole-school improvement.

In this 30-minute webinar, you will develop your understanding of:

  • when you need to lead, when you need to manage and the skills needed for both
  • strategies to equip you to lead with vision and purpose
  • the differences between leading and managing in a school
  • how leadership and management skills should work together to motivate people to follow you and achieve progress.

You’ll be able to download slides on the day of the webinar and put questions to Helen during the event.

Last Updated Date: 
12 Nov 2015