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Group Study

Sexual Exploitation and Grooming

Raise staff awareness and develop a whole-school approach to tackling exploitation and grooming.

How to use this course

This course is comprised of two units.

  • Unit 1 is aimed at the whole school staff, discussing how to identify and tackle sexual exploitation and grooming. This unit lasts around 2 hours.
  • Unit 2 is aimed at the SLT, safeguarding governors, and staff with pastoral or policy responsibilities. This unit discusses how to develop a whole-school framework, and lasts from 2.5 to 3 hours.

Both of these units can be split into two halves if necessary, and delivered as a twilight session or as part of a training day.

Author and trainer

Ann Raymond


Teachers, school staff, parents and other agencies working with children need a greater awareness of the risks of sexual exploitation. Schools have a vital role to play in the identification and support of children who are at risk of grooming or sexual exploitation. This course offers staff, volunteers and governors the opportunity to increase their understanding of sexual exploitation and develop a whole-school approach to identification and support.

The course will:

  • raise awareness of sexual exploitation and the grooming process
  • enable staff to identify key warning signs and know what to do if exploitation or grooming is suspected
  • explain the roles of multi-agency safeguarding partners
  • show how to use an information-gathering tool to inform an appropriate response to concerns
  • explain how to make a detailed and well-informed referral about sexual exploitation or grooming to children’s social care.

Written by Ann Raymond, author of the highly acclaimed Child Protection and Safeguarding Handbook for Schools, the course will raise whole-staff awareness as well as providing in-depth activities for staff in child protection roles.

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