SEND: Attachment disorders and mental health

Please note this training material has been archived. We have an updated unit on this topic in the SEND Inclusive Teaching Programme

Supporting complex learning needs in today's world

How to use this course

This single unit lasts around 90 minutes. It is aimed at new and trainee teachers. 

Deliver this course as part of a training day, or as a twilight session.

Author and trainer

Gareth D. Morewood

This in-depth training unit will provide practical advice for personalising learning for pupils with complex needs, including mental health needs and attachment disorders.

Participants will come away with:

  • a greater understanding of the co-morbid* SEND that many pupils have to cope with day-to-day, and how they affect their learning
  • practical ideas and structures for supporting the complex needs of learners
  • increased awareness of the mental health conditions that pupils may face and how to support them.

Written by SEN expert Gareth D Morewood, this course is jam-packed with practical advice for developing quality first teaching across your school.

N.B. A version of this course also features in our SEND Inclusive Teaching programme.

Assessing the impact of training

Measuring the impact of your training is crucial, and we at Optimus Education want to make this as manageable as possible for you. Take a look at our suggestions for what you can do to ensure that your CPD genuinely makes a difference to the learners in your school. You could:

  • Arrange a follow-up session for feedback. Take the opportunity to build upon discussions during the course, deal with specific challenges and find out what is working for participants.
  • Carry out learning works or lesson observations to look for specific adjustments which support access to the curriculum for SEND pupils.
  • Encourage those trying new methods or techniques to share their experiences with colleagues.
  • Talk to some pupils about changes in their classroom experience as a result of this training. Have they noticed a difference in the support they receive to access the curriculum? Are the changes helping them?

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* Co-morbidity in this context is the presence of one or more disorders, disabilities, or SEN.

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