Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Please note this training material has been archived. This course makes reference to an older version of the Ofsted framework. Please refer to the Teacher Development Programme for updated materials. 

Adopt a systematic approach to improvement and focus on the key ingredients of outstanding teaching.

How to use this course

Each of the six units in this course lasts around 60 minutes. 

Use the units as part of a series of twilight sessions to have the greatest impact on classroom practice.

It is possible to select individual units and run them as standalone sessions if this is more appropriate for your organisation.

Author and trainer

Loic Menzies

Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, this course enables teachers to understand what outstanding looks like for them and the range of ways they can achieve it. The course is interactive by nature, incorporating engaging video materials. interactive activities and practical inter-session tasks to ensure high-impact, memorable training sessions.

This course helps your teaching staff to:

  • look for evidence of learning and progress in their lessons
  • understand the role and practice of formative assessment
  • gather strategies for differentiating and personalising learning
  • decide on priorities for improving teaching and learning in your school.

In developing this course Loic Menzies has drawn on his experience as a teacher, school leader, ITE trainer and mentor. Each of the six units explores a different aspect of ‘outstanding’ teaching and progress.

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Certificate of completion

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