Outstanding Pupil Progress

Please note this training material has been archived. This course makes reference to National Curriculum levels. National Curriculum levels are no longer in use; however, much of the content in this training remains useful.

How to link data and teaching strategies to ensure learner progress

The Outstanding Pupil Progress training course explains the links between effective data tracking and planning in teaching for progression, enabling teachers to link data to teaching strategies that ensure progression for every pupil.

The units enable staff to evaluate how current practices, processes and communication strategies are impacting on learner progress, and to identify strategies which could be implemented to improve progress in key areas.  The course also teaches participants how to build productive working relationships with learners and parents in order to maximise progress.

Colleagues who participate in this course will be able to:

  • Understand the key elements of practice which contribute to learner progress.
  • Identify appropriate data to support teaching for progress by improving teacher access to and understanding of data.
  • Increase the effectiveness and accuracy of progress tracking by enhancing data analysis skills.
  • Employ proven teaching strategies such as challenge, feedback and questioning.
  • Use the focus on promoting progress to raise the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Implement learner and parental engagement strategies to promote increased and sustained progress.
  • Enhance the quality of planning for learning so that the right support is provided for each pupil.

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