Marking, Feedback and Assessment

Please note this training material has been updated and developed into two new training courses: assessment without levels and marking and feedback.

Improving pupil progress through effective feedback

How to use this course

Each unit in this course lasts around 90 minutes. 

They should be run as a series over the course of one or two terms to ensure they have the greatest impact on practice.

Units 1 and 5 are for middle and senior leaders. Units 2-4 are for teachers and teaching assistants.

See the course overview for more detail.

Author and trainer

John Blanchard

This course helps you focus on marking, feedback and assessment as key elements in the quality of teaching and learning in your school.  Enable middle and senior leaders to agree strategy for developing marking and feedback and show teaching staff how to enhance learning by ensuring pupils are clear about what they’re doing, what they’re getting better at, and what they can work on next. 

This course will enable you and your colleagues to:

  • agree strategy for developing consistent and effective marking, feedback and assessment across your school
  • identify what’s working and what’s not working and prioritise what you want to improve
  • understand types of feedback that work well and how to ask and answer good questions
  • strengthen pupil motivation by giving pupils clarity about what they’re doing, what they’re getting better at, and what to work on next.
  • Set up activities to include effective assessments and plan for using feedback in lessons.
  • Use questioning to engage your pupils in reflecting on their progress and giving one another feedback.

For a full overview of the programme, click on the image below.

Written by teaching, learning and assessment expert John Blanchard, this bestselling course makes use of video case studies, action research and a structured approach to discussion.

N.B. A version of this course also features in our assessment without levels and marking and feedback training.

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