Evaluating Teacher Performance

Support colleagues to evaluate quality of teaching consistently and justify fair pay progression

What's in this course?

This training course is split into five 90-minute units. To have a significant impact on the practice of colleagues in your organisation, complete each unit in turn over approximately one term. Alternatively, select individual units in order to target a specific issue you are facing.






Senior leaders are required to be fair, consistent and clear in their expectations of what good teacher performance looks like. How can senior leaders evaluate practice so that his/her judgements are consistent, and that their pay recommendations are fairly rewarding of best staff and encouraging others to work in an increasingly productive way?

In this course participants will:

  • learn the best methods of evaluation: consider the best ways to evaluate teacher performance and how these would work in your school’s context
  • consider how to collect and use evidence of teacher performance: explore how to use methods such as lesson observation, achievement data analysis and pupil surveys as effective ways of gathering evidence, and how best to evaluate the findings
  • establish a system of informing pay progression: ensure that your staff have a clear and consistent framework of linking performance evaluation and pay decisions.

This course is informed by tried and tested strategies in several schools rated ‘good’ or higher, as well as a report on teacher evaluation released by The Sutton Trust in 2013. It includes ready-made handouts, resources and suggestions for practical activities and demonstrable methods. 

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