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Group Study

Accelerate Progress with Metacognition

Train your staff to teach metacognitive and self-regulation skills that will increase pupil progress across the school

How to use this course

Each of the five units in this course lasts around 90 minutes. 

To have the highest impact, run as a series of training sessions over a term.

Where this is not appropriate, each unit can be extracted and delivered as a standalone session.

Author and trainer

David Leat

Anna Reid

Meta-cognitive and self-regulation approaches have consistently high levels of impact with meta-analyses reporting between seven and nine months additional progress on average.’
The Teaching and Learning Toolkit (2013), Sutton Trust/Education Endowment Fund

Research indicates that improving pupils’ metacognitive and self-regulation skills (‘learning to learn’) helps accelerate their progress – as well as leading to greater motivation and independence. How do you embed the development of these skills in your teaching? How do you teach an understanding of how to learn and what to do when learning is not straightforward?

This course enables teaching staff to:

  • understand what is meant by metacognitive and self-regulation skills and why they are so valuable for developing learners
  • build in strategies for improving pupils’ ability to set goals, monitor performance and evaluate outcomes
  • develop strategies for improving pupils’ motivation and ability to learn independently
  • try out different approaches and find what works for their pupils.

Written by experienced practitioners Anna Reid and Professor David Leat, this course will equip you to embed metacognitive practice throughout your school.

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