Student passport template

Now outcomes and aspirations are at the heart of SEN provision, this pupil passport is a useful tool for ensuring a child-centred approach

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Gareth is director of curriculum support (SENCo) at Priestnall School, which was awarded an ‘outstanding’ judgement by Ofsted in June 2011. He has worked voluntarily supporting parents and carers with SEN legislation and in preparing cases for...

As Gareth D. Morewood explains in his SENCology blog post, ‘the student passport is not an IEP with a different name: it’s about a change in culture’.

By using this template you can ensure you are considering:  

  • what the pupil wants the teacher to be aware of
  • what the pupil finds difficult
  • what the pupil will do independently
  • what the pupil would find helpful to support their learning.

The passport also includes vital information about access arrangements, what additional support the pupil receives, and data and attainment details.


Last Updated: 
05 Oct 2016