Whole-School Strategies for Anger Management


Whole-School Strategies for Anger Management
Primary, Secondary
Aug 2009


Whole-school Strategies for Anger Management is a collection of anger management activities aiming to tackle whole-school behaviour, that focuses on feelings and communication, peaceful conflict resolution, anger control and effective relationship skills.

Summary of contents

Ensure your staff and children feel happy and secure in their school environment, with the help of Whole-School Strategies for Anger Management.

This book has a much wider perspective than the other more traditional anger management resources available. It considers a whole-school approach, including a tried-and-tested programme with resources for pupils as well as a new ground-breaking staff development element. A facilitator guide, with a programme of activities, PowerPoint presentations and resources, will guide staff in looking at how they manage their strong emotions and how they can help to create classrooms in which strong emotions are handled effectively.

Anger can be difficult to manage, but it is an essential part of being human and is a potentially useful emotion. Getting in touch with our emotional intelligence can help us to understand our own anger and to understand children's anger. The book highlights the importance of continually trying to manage our feelings effectively, especially in the roles of leader, teacher, teaching assistant and other support workers.

The development of an anger management strategy in a school should be considered as part of a whole-school approach to managing behaviour. Whole-School Strategies for Anger Management will ensure you feel confident to bring about the changes necessary for a happy and secure learning environment. Starting from the premise that managers will structure the process, but that implementation will be carried out by staff, this publication provides training and support at several levels by:

  • recognising the effects of staff behaviour on student outcomes
  • teaching the skills for problem solving, managing conflict and de-escalating angry behaviour
  • understanding the components of anger
  • setting up pupil anger management groups.

With a whole-school approach, this resource allows staff to consider the significance of their relationship with students and the various ways that anger can be managed throughout all aspects of school life.

Chapter breakdown



Chapter 1: Anger Management Versus Conflict Resolution
Chapter 2: A Whole-School Approach to Anger Management
Chapter 3: Teacher Skills Necessary to Implement a Whole-School Approach to Anger Management
Chapter 4: The Cognitive Behavioural Approach: The Firework Model and the Storm Metaphor
Chapter 5: Visual Imagery and Relaxation: Use of Role-Play
Chapter 6: Preparing for an Anger Management Group Intervention Programme
Chapter 7: Implementing an Anger Management Group Intervention Programme
Chapter 8: Intervening with Individual Children and Young People
Chapter 9: PowerPoint Presentation: Anger Management and Conflict Resolution Training for School Staff
Chapter 10: Conclusion



A4, printable from the CD-Rom or to copy from the A4 page. It includes PowerPoint presentation.


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