Lesson Observation for Developing Teachers: Improving practice and performance

Primary, Secondary
Jul 2013


Lesson Observation for Developing Teachers: Improving practice and performance is a training resource that will support you to improve teaching and learning using techniques that help teachers to be more aware of what they are doing and to work out how to change their practice.


The Lesson Observation for Developing Teachers  will ensure your teachers understand the value of lesson observations and enable you to:

  • draw out and share good practice within your school and make excellence consistent
  • raise the quality of teaching to improve pupil outcomes
  • develop questioning and target setting skills that will enhance observation and feedback
  • use motivational tools and techniques to support colleagues to improve their performance
  • foster a reflective workforce using self-observation
  • support rapid improvement with strategies for tackling observed underperformance
  • develop a whole-school approach to collaborative observation for CPD which gives teachers the opportunity to learn from others with contrasting experience and styles
  • encourage teachers to work together to investigate and improve a specific aspect of classroom technique using the Lesson Study approach.

Why buy an Optimus Education DIY Training resource?

Lesson Observation for Developing Teachers is part of the Optimus Education D-I-Y (deliver it yourself) training portfolio. Our D-I-Y training packages provide:

  • value for money – training sessions can be delivered multiple times to different groups of staff
  • comprehensive training materials – detailed training plans, presentations, handouts and a variety of practical activities to engage participants are all provided in the package
  • flexibility – training sessions can be customised with case studies, questions or exercises which are specific to your school’s needs
  • excellent quality – the training materials have been written by experienced trainers with expertise in the topic area; you benefit from their knowledge and guidance
  • measurable outcomes – each package includes ways to monitor effectiveness and learning outcomes.


Summary of contents

Lesson Observation for Developing Teachers includes four core delivered sessions each with a practical task, as well as two optional additional sessions which go into greater detail in specific areas. It aims to equip your staff with an understanding of why lesson observation matters, the knowledge of observation and feedback strategies and the skills to observe and feedback effectively.

  • Draw out and share good practice.
  • Develop skills for effective observation and feedback.
  • Enable staff to motivate each other.
  • Raise the quality of teaching and learning.

Training session breakdown

Training session 1 – Why observe?

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of developmental observation
  • Identify factors that contribute to effective observation
  • Articulate what you want lesson observation to achieve for you and the school

Training session 2 – How to observe and feedback

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how observation and feedback can contribute to teachers’ motivation
  • Know what to do during an observation
  • Have a basic structure for giving feedback

Training session 3 – Refining observation and feedback technique

Learning outcomes

  • Refine feedback skills
  • Develop high quality questioning techniques to use in feedback
  • Prioritise areas for improvement to make development points manageable
  • Agree the purpose of feedback and know how to tailor your comments to this

Training session 4 – Reviewing and evaluating learning

Learning outcomes

  • Consolidate learning from previous sessions
  • Evaluate learning
  • Agree how learning will be applied in the school in the future

Training session 5 – Lesson study

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what is involved in lesson study
  • Be able to make a decision as to whether to adopt lesson study as an approach to lesson observation
  • Know the steps to take to implement lesson study

Training session 6 – Action planning for rapid improvement

  • Have an agreed understanding of when a more robust response to observed practice might be needed
  • Have strategies to use when they observe performance that needs to be improved quickly

About the expert

Loic Menzies is Director of the education and youth development organisation, LKMco, where he researches issues that affect young people and works with schools training teachers and delivering improvement programmes.  He was previously Head of History and Social Sciences and Associate Senior Manager at a school in North West London.


  • A4 Ringbinder, c. 80 pages
  • DVD-Rom containing PowerPoint presentations, accompanying resources and video clips licensed from Teachers Media


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