Emotional Resilience and Problem Solving for Young Adults


Secondary, Post-16
May 2008


Promote mental health and wellbeing among your teenage students

Emotional Resilience and Problem Solving for Young People helps you to promote and teach mental health and wellbeing among your teenage students. It uses a SEAL approach to problem solving and decision making, and offers strategies for coping with stress as well as positive communication techniques.

Summary of contents

This resource pack helps participants to:

  •     understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing
  •     recognise the stresses that they, and other people, face
  •     develop effective managing strategies.

The authors have designed a flexible programme that encourages young people and adults to respond positively to difficult situations they encounter. Topics taught in the 15 sessions include:

  •     challenging stereotypes
  •     multiple intelligences
  •     self-esteem
  •     positive communication
  •     focusing on strong emotions
  •     stress and coping strategies
  •     making good decisions.

Chapter breakdown

SEAL Supporting Materials
Session 1– Introduction
Session 2 – Challenging Stereotypes
Session 3 – Multiple Intelligence: More Than One Way To Act Clever
Session 4 – Self-esteem
Session 5 – Positive Communication
Session 6 – Friendships
Session 7 – Focus on Strong Emotions: Anger
Session 8 – Focus on Strong Emotions: Fear
Session 9 – Focus on Strong Emotions: Jealousy
Session 10 – Focus on Strong Emotions: Love
Session 11– Stress and Coping Strategies
Session 12 – Making Good Decisions
Session 13 – Self-harm
Session 14 – Loss and Endings
Session 15 – Challenges and Evaluation


A4, printable from the CD-ROM or copiable from the A4 page


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