Michael Gove submits evidence to STRB on market-facing pay

16 May 2012


Michael Gove has submitted evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) in favour of making the teachers' pay system 'more market-facing'.

The secretary of state asked the STRB in March to start looking at ways to reform the system. He gave evidence today as part of that process.

According to the DfE, Mr Gove 'set out a strong case for reform... to ensure that teaching is a rewarding and attractive career'. The Department says that reform is needed because the current system results in 'poor links between a teacher's performance and reward', and means that 'schools in some parts of the country struggle to recruit and retain good teachers, while others may be paying salaries which are significantly above local professional pay levels'.

The government has asked the STRB to consider the following options for reform:

  • varying the level of prescription in national pay arrangements
  • setting a minimum and/or maximum pay level
  • exploring the possibility of having local pay zones.

The accepted recommendations are likely to be implemented from September 2013.