Building and Maintaining Strategic Governance

Wednesday 31 Jan 2018 - London

Why is this conference relevant? 

With governance in schools increasingly under the spotlight and governing boards being encouraged and measured against a broader and more professional, business-focused set of competencies, what does effective governance now look like?

Our 4th annual Building and Maintaining Strategic Governance conference will provide the opportunity to benchmark and review your board’s impact and  effectiveness. Developed in line with the School Inspection Handbook, the conference will offer tools and techniques for senior leaders and governors to collaborate and ensure support and challenge on pupil outcomes, progression, funding and oversight of operations.

What can I expect?

Full programme to be announced shortly. However, you can expect in-depth keynotes with leading experts and a choice of workshops including:

  • Techniques to ensure that you are able to balance the budget and encourage innovative fundraising
  • Exploration of structures for best practice local governance in MATs
  • Gain the confidence to analyse and interpret ASP correctly
  • Ensure that the SLT and GB work cohesively together to articulate the school’s vision and priorities
  • Ensuring effective legacy planning for senior leaders of both schools and governing boards

Who should attend?

• Headteachers/Principals
• Chairs of Governors
• Governors
• Clerks
• Deputy & Assistant Head Teachers