Data Use & Assessment to Support Progress

Tuesday 16 Jan 2018 - Thursday 1 Jan 1970

Why is this conference relevant?

The past few years have seen constant assessment reforms for both primary and secondary schools.  With an increase in expected standards, the challenges of maintaining consistent levels of progress for your students are growing.

Our 4th annual Data Use & Assessment to Support Progress conference provides an opportunity to engage with the country's leading assessment experts, providing you with the practical data use strategies to not only maintain, but accelerate the progress of your students.

What can I expect?

In-depth keynotes with leading experts and a choice of workshops including:

  • Ensure your school is generating valid, reliable, and useful data and understand the impact of the new Analyse School Performance system
  • Gain a national picture of the current state of assessment and the use of data in schools, and learn what changes are on the horizon
  • Multiple practitioner case studies on the transition between primary and secondary schools and how best to ensure a smooth educational journey for every child
  • Specific primary and secondary workshops including KS3 progress tracking, primary assessment consultation outcomes and lessons learned from reformed GCSEs.

Who should attend?

This event is for all phases of education with a view that better relationships can be built between schools to improve the student journey throughout their school life

  • Deputy/Assistant Headteachers
  • Headteachers/Principals
  • Data Managers
  • Assessment Co-ordinators
  • Head of Keystage

What our delegates said last year

"A really informative conference, which promoted new thinking and made us question current practice." Vice Principal, Sandymoor School